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Art Lover's Paradise

About the Project:

These clients are both collectors and also have gifted artists in the family but their home lacked any way to display their pieces and lacked color or composition. In response, we created a living room with rich, deep colors that act as a canvas to their sculpture and artwork collections as well as the authentic mid century cork coffee table. That coffee table was the inspiration for their living room- round, curvaceous and elegant- like every seating piece in the room. The dining room was designed with a mid-century twist allowing them to use and show off their authentic teak table and sideboard as well as hand crafted reproduction chandelier. Their family room took a different turn- light, airy and welcoming with a bright and fun gallery wall that leads into a bistro styled kitchen with a patterned backsplash- this home truly feels alive when you enter.

Redesigned Rooms:

  1. Foyer

  2. Living Room

  3. Family Room

  4. Dining Room

  5. Kitchen



Living Room

Family Room

Dining Room


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