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I cannot say enough fantastic things about Julia as a designer. First, she has impeccable taste and is always right. Whenever I was questioning whether something would look nice and would trust her instinct and just go with it, I was always glad I did because it would end up being absolutely perfect -- so I learned to listen to her at all times! :)


Second, she really has an intuitiveness to her that allows her to pick up on a particular client's taste and style and design around that. She works with so many different clients and all of the looks are different -- they are all beautiful but also seem to show each client's different personality.


Third, she is extremely efficient -- I feel like she must have a photographic memory of the available beautiful items in her head because she seems to just grab the perfect items out of the air. She also stays on track when coordinating several different layers of a project. I was doing my whole house and there were a lot of moving pieces that she kept track of and always knew what I needed and when. Finally, she is super fun to work with -- I will miss her now that my project is over!! — suzanne_dissinger


I have worked with other professional designers, but Julia is by far the best I have ever worked with, and the only designer I would ever work with in the future. What started out as a kitchen renovation project turned into pretty much a whole house design project. Julia was able to quickly pick up on my design style and she pushed me to consider design options I would have never considered, She always presented multiple options on all design elements. When I was indecisive, she made the decision and it was always a good balance between practicality and great design. Julia is patient, flexible and always willing to pivot if I changed my mind. Julia’s fee structure is straightforward, and she respects your budget. Her instincts are always spot on and in the end that saved me a lot time and money. I get tons of compliments on my house. Personally, Julia is kind, open minded, fun, enthusiastic and ridiculously talented. She is worth every penny and then some. — amps531


My husband and I hired Julia to help us remodel our house after interviewing a few different designers. She seemed the most upfront, honest, and down-to-earth. Julia was helpful with everything we knew we needed help with and also with identifying everything that we didn't know we'd need to choose. She's very passionate about what she does and she's excellent at it. She was able to figure out our tastes and apply her design knowledge to bring everything together. We highly recommend Julia and will hire her again if the opportunity arises. — MM

Julie was amazing from the beginning! Made our bathroom design very easy and we loved her ideas. We look forward to more projects with JSE Interiors! — ccoffin1

I absolutely loved working with Julia. She has a keen eye for detail, color, and textures. She took the time to understand our style and brought it to a whole new level. Additionally, she is a joy to be around, incredibly responsive, and professional. I can't wait to work with her on more projects. — Caitlin Hoehn

Julia is the ONLY decorator I would ever work with. She is very many wonderful things. Julia is prompt, organized, fun, smart, clever, and her eye for decor is impeccable. She also has a knack for reading her customers before they even speak. Julia is very enthusiastic to work hard and to please. She was able to get me to be open-minded to colors and patterns I would have NEVER looked at!!! Julia was also very conscious and respected my budget which was very important to me. Oh yes, one more thing, she is a great person! She basically redesigned my entire basement from the studs up, as well as my master bath, and another main floor bathroom. These rooms all look exceptional. — allegra

I hired JSE Interiors to restyle my living room as our furnishings were old and out dated. I wanted a fresh new space with style and class. Julia met and exceeded both mine and my husband’s expectations. She really took the time to understand my style and wants. She also took me a bit out of my comfort zone, especially with our wall color, which I am so thankful she did as I love it and have received multiple compliments. Her design and vision are superb! To attest to how satisfied we were with her services, I have recently rehired her to redesign our family room and guest bedroom. Thank you Julia! — HU-391240261

Julia is amazing to work with and helped us achieve a great balance of style and comfort in a very short amount of time. We get compliments on all the rooms (5+) she designed and most importantly I smile everyday in our new home! She really got our style quickly and helped us select great items across the price range. It has been a great collaboration. — Karen Wargo

I had no idea what a difference it could make to have a decorator on board for a project, until I hired Julia at JSE interiors. I don’t think one guest has exited my powder room without commenting on the gorgeous wallpaper, perfect lighting and accents! My complete master bath renovation, my kitchen updates ... all get a steady stream of compliments, thanks to her. I can’t say enough good things about JSE. Worth every penny, and then some. — Debbie Holinstat

Julia was professional, easy to work with and very, very talented. We bought a house that was a bit of a fixer upper and she turned it a dream home, choosing colors, co-ordinating contractors and guiding us through furniture selections. She was a total delight and we loved her impeccable taste. We'll definitely be working with her again. — Zain Ejiofor Peoples

Julia helped design and decorate two rooms in rental apartment, so budget was important to me. First and foremost, the results are fantastic. The rooms are stylish and warm and inviting, I love coming home, and love having people over! Second, Julia respected my budget (much closer to $10,000 than $49,000!) parameters and found great choices that worked. What I loved about working with Julia, is she gave me choices, all of which would work well, so the design felt like it was mine, not just hers. I could never have gotten such good results myself. Julia is great to work with, reliable, friendly and makes good use of your time.I would recommend Julia for any home design job. — Deborah New

We hired Julia to help us renovate and design our kitchen. She was fantastic to work with and has great ideas, while being very mindful of our budget. I loved that she pushed us out of our comfort zone in creating a unique, non-cookie cutter kitchen. In the end, with her vision and creative input, we now have our dream kitchen! — Nina Wernick

Thank You Julia for transforming my home into a warm, comfortable and beautiful space! You made an overwhelming project for me become an opportunity for fun and creativity!! ... I'd recommend you to friends or family or anyone who comes across this review!!!! — Laureen Pb

Julia was great to work with! She took us very far out of our comfort zone and we couldn't be happier with the end result. Our living room NEVER would've looked the way it does now without her vision, guidance and overall creative input.

— Space Therapy Montclair

Julia is fantastic. Every time we take her advice - even when we're unsure about the direction she is taking us - the final product is amazing. She is great at finding reasonably priced options. — Jennifer Laired

LOVED working with Julia! She is the absolute best and such a pleasure to work with. She has amazing ideas and has a great eye for detail. We work so well together and she completely gets me and what I am looking for. Julia took me out of my comfort zone and I couldn't be happier with the results. I can't wait to work with her on my next project. — Randi Wolfson

Julia was absolutely fantastic to work with. We hit it off from the moment we met and I am in love with the work we have done together. Her taste is fabulous and she provides a variety of options. I feel like Julia really listened to what I was looking for in my new space and the outcome was beyond my expectations. She is mindful of your budget, respectful of your time, patient and an absolute joy to work with. If you are looking to recreate your home or even one of your rooms into the perfect space, I highly recommend you contact Julia at JSE Interiors. My best friend was so amazed by my new space that she hired Julia on the spot and they are working together now. She's really THAT AMAZING! She is in high demand so I would be sure to give her advanced notice of your project. — Lori Barr

I feel so lucky to have found Julia! I wanted to redesign our dining room and from Julia's first few minutes in the space (before I had even officially hired her), she had a whole bunch of ideas that I loved and I knew she was the right person for the job. Julia was patient with me when I would take a while to choose one option or another, but also could sense when I needed a gentle push in a certain direction. I highly recommend Julia for any design project -- big or small. — Amy Budetti

Julia was an excellent resource for Designing our home. She provided us examples and never pushed us to pick a certain look, etc. She never wasted time and was always answering questions and providing direction to us. She was on-time always, efficient, and really really really good at what she does. — S Patel

I was feeling overwhelmed about the master bath renovation and kept putting it off. I need not have worried. Julia made the process manageable. She helped us make our dream bathroom come true. She is super easy to work with, has a great eye and saved us tons of time by doing the legwork and providing recommendations. Ultimately, she supported us from beginning to end, yet based on the transparent nature of her fee structure, we stayed in control of our choices and budget. — ach-303

Julia was fantastic. She has a great energy and eye for color combinations and design. She works very efficiently and listens carefully to what you want. She mostly sent me options that were available online rather than physically shopping for things which saved me a lot of time. She did meet me once to shop for furniture for the living room and that whole process was completed in about 2 hours. Love that kind of efficient decision making! She is very responsive to all questions or concerns. She was also very conscious of my want to do things as inexpensively as I could without sacrificing quality.


We have an old Victorian house but I wanted a more modern look for our living spaces. Julia helped me with our living room (which was a blank slate), dining room, family room, and foyer. The living room turned out amazing with the color scheme, furniture, and light fixtures. Never in a million years would I have been able to pull all that together. And Julia did it in about 2.5 months! We love how it all came out. —  Christina Szczepanski

Julia is tremendously talented, responsive, and attentive to details.. She partners with her clients by listening to their needs, ideas, budgets etc. She is very easy to work with and sources beautiful items online and in stores allowing a client to work within any budget. She also pushes the envelope which is why most hire a designer anyways. Anyone can walk into a furniture showroom and purchase a complete room, but Julia mixes and matches elements to create interesting looks, patterns, textures etc. She also does a wonderful job incorporating existing pieces when possible or re-purposing instead of starting over. I cannot recommend her enough! — Sejal Vora

Julia is a master at creating the most beautiful spaces in homes. She has tremendous vision and an amazing eye for color and coordination. Every room she touches turns stunning ! I cannot say enough about Julia. She made my house a warm and beautiful home in a short period of time and was so easy and fun to work with. I'd hire her again and again. — tinafay28

My husband and I have been working with Julia to renovate our new home. Our experience has not only been enjoyable but awe inspiring. Julia is very passionate about her work and it is clear that she loves what she does for a living! She has excellent taste, and she is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to discussing nuances of construction with the contractors and carpenters as well as understanding the specifics and details with the other subcontractors ie., tile, electric, etc. Julia is very thoughtful in helping to guide her client in their decision making process, taking into consideration their wants, tastes, and preferences. She has helped me immensely in managing the process of doing a renovation and making it as stress free as possible. Julia took our vision of what we dreamed our home would be and made it into a reality! — Lana Masor

I cannot say enough positive things about Julia of JSE Interiors. I first hired Julia to help me with my living room, which was all white, plain, and mostly empty. She immediately had wonderful ideas and quickly helped me to select paint colors, furniture, window treatments and a rug. She even designed and constructed my photo wall. After falling in love with my living room, I hired her to create my dream kitchen. Julia worked with us from the very beginning of the project and made an otherwise overwhelming task simple and easy. She brought to life my ideas and majorly improved upon them by suggesting things I never would have even thought of. I absolutely love my kitchen and owe it all to her! — Llana Roberts

Julia was instrumental in the transformation of our house and encouraged us to step outside our comfort zone which we very much appreciated. She can assist with all design requirements and has great ideas on all types of furnishings and renovation ideas, We appreciated her easy working style and she always provided a wide range of selections for us to chose from and listened to our ideas. We highly recommend. — Tony Ward

Julia's approach transformed our cluttered chaotic home into a clean, modern, soothing space to live. Her sense of color, design and flow is refreshing and fun. — Aimee Ward

Julia was wonderful to work with! She listened carefully to us, but also was helpful in suggesting ideas that we might not have considered otherwise. I loved her creativity, and her ability to work within a budget and still make the room look exquisite. I would highly recommend her! — Sarah Meyer

Julia was great to work with. She listened to my style and ideas and was respectful of my budget. My office came out amazing and will definitely be working with her in the future on other rooms in my house. I highly recommend JSE Interiors! — E. Berg

Julia was amazing to work with for my many home design projects! Julia listened to our visions and budgetary needs. She came to our home and also worked remotely, which was so helpful for time purposes. Her design services paid for themselves in time and industry discounts. I have and will continue to recommend Julie. Julia's taste and recommendations are phenomenal. Our home is so beautiful due to Julia, her recommendations with paint colors, lighting fixtures and furniture were spot-on! Can't wait to work together to more projects! — Margo Delsberg

Julia has exquisite taste. She is also sensitive to budget constraints and was instrumental in helping me to prioritize and view the project in manageable steps. She is a delight to work with. — Jennifer Halchak

Julia is very talented, knowledgeable and has a great style sense. She's excellent with picking out colors, flooring, window treatments and accessories. I hired Julia for a few different interior design projects in my home (over the past few years). Julia is professional, easy to work with, patient and is great with meeting deadlines and budgets. I highly recommend Julia for any interior design work. — Renee Bleecher

As a busy Mom, I have always tried to piece meal rooms over time and have never before had a feeling of gratification. I spent a lot of time and wasted money to try and pull a room together. I purchased a lot of really beautiful and pricey pieces that didn't coordinate at all. I ended up with a very incomplete look. Julia has recently completed my dining room and living room. She worked within my budget and has made each room a place my family and I love to be. I was very ambivalent about working with a designer. Her fee has been cancelled out with her industry discounts and each room is perfectly complete with no need to do another thing for years. Each room ties together perfectly and is synchronized beautifully. I vow to never waste another dime and buy anything for another space in my house without Julia's input. She is truly amazing, collaborative, and if not redundant, so easy to work with. — Lili Knutzen

Julia did an awesome job at decorating our whole house. She has great taste and is very good with modern decor. She is easy to work with and affordable. — Kimberly Ginsberg

We recently moved into a new home and were completely overwhelmed with how to tackle our interior space. After meeting with Julia and JSE Interiors, we knew that we had found the best company to help us reflect our sense of style. She worked tirelessly to create a warm, modern and inviting living space for us. I highly recommend JSE Interiors for any size project, large or small.

— Pooja Bakri

Julia is a professional with a great sense of style. Her easy nature make her a pleasure to work with as well. She helped us redesign our kitchen and family room and we are thrilled with the outcome. Working with Julia, made the remodel project much less stressful and an enjoyable experience. — Erica Grenker

I hired Julia to help decorate our living room. I previously purchased a number of pieces on my own but they just weren't "clicking". Julia came in, took a look at what I purchased and within a couple of weeks transformed our space into the stylish yet comfortable living room I was looking for! She pulled everything together in a way I would have never imagined. She's great to work with and makes the decorating process stress free! I can't wait to work with her again. — skbreen15

Julia provides professional, cost-effective interior design services using a relaxed approach that takes a lot of the stress out of decorating. She has a great eye for color and sense of style and she can pull a room together quickly. Additionally, her use of on-line vendors eliminates a lot of the expense and guesswork that can hallmark the frustration of working with more traditional designers. She is easily accessible and open to coordinating your ideas with her own. She is also a lot of fun to work with!

— Jennifer Otero

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