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Modern Elegance

About the Project:

These clients bought a home with traditional features but their taste was quite modern. By juxtaposing traditional elements with modern furnishings we created rooms that are both modern and warm. For example, the family room's heavy & traditional stone fireplace was balanced by adding numerous textural elements like double wide drapery, velvet accents, a thick braided wool rug and leather chairs. Light walls, brass accents and playful geometrics topped off the space. Whether it's their gleaming, modern office, luxurious master bedroom or statement foyer with black zigzagging banisters, this home is a testament to the fact that you can have modern warmth- contemporary doesn't have to be minimalist or cold.

Redesigned Rooms:

  1. Foyer

  2. Family Room

  3. Dining Room

  4. Kitchen

  5. Master Bedroom

  6. Upstairs Office



Family Room

Dining Room


Master Bedroom

Upstairs Office

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